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We are a tireless advocate of compromise especially when trying to resolve business disputes. We have seen very few businesses and owners who can afford the distraction, time and expense of prolonged legal cases. We prefer to see mediation and compromise. Compromise is a settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions. In our experience we encourage people to compromise to reach an outcome preferable to ongoing litigation. This is why we engage in mediation to reach an effective compromise that permits a deal to move ahead on terms reasonably satisfactory to both sides. Remember there is no unconditional surrender in mediation. Occasionally in some circumstances it can make sense to combine Mediation with Arbitration or Arbitration with Mediation.



Mediation v Arbitration

Mediation involves using a third party to strive to meet an acceptable compromise that permits a deal to be done. Arbitration involves using a third party to hand down a binding or non binding decision following a hearing of both sides arguements. Euturnaround is appointed under the Arbitration Act of 2010 for all Arbitrations.Medaiation Arbitration



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