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Recent Testimonials 

"We had a particularly difficult situation with a senior employee that looked impossible to solve without recourse to the courts, a process that would have caused a huge financial strain on the company, not to mention the internal rifts such disputes can bring. The impasse was affecting our company's ability to operate and luckily for us Brian was recommended as a mediator. Neither side of the dispute had any previous dealings with Brian but both came to a resolution in little over 24 hours after his direct involvement. The resolution was acceptable to both parties and represented a sea-change from where parties had stood just a day before. The binding agreement was reached with diplomacy, tact and absolute professionalism."

"We had a difficult situation, we met with Brian, it was good to meet with him, we achieved a satisfactory outcome for all concerned, Brian handled things nicely even down to the settlement agreement, the agreed wording and announcements and left us all feeling we had finished in a good place"

"After 11 years of ups and downs with my business partner, we both arrived at the position where we wanted different things out of the business. Relations became difficult, I was referred to Brian. It was what we both needed. He calmly took us through the options and because he is a Chartered Accountant, it made it very easy to look at business issues, he was familar with valuations, shareholder agreements, legal options etc and came up with creative solutions when we looked like we had run aground. My solicitor was particularly happy with how things were handled and dealt with. We reached agreement, with settlement agreement being drafted by Brian and we signed and were both able to move forward without having to incur significant legal expenses"

Due to the nature of Mediation and Arbitration Testimonials and References are Available on Request

Remember there will not be an appeal to a succesful mediation 


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